Guidelines to The Authors :
With a view to making Journal of Rural Development Review more useful to the readers, a specific facet of rural development is proposed to be featured as a theme. The for the issue could be any of the following topics: development of rural infrastructure sectors participation; rural development: challenges in the 21st century; transparency and accountability in rural development projects; human resource development; strategies and policies; impact of liberalization and globalization on agriculture; mobilization of rural poor into self-help groups; management of natural resources; production of food crops through non-chemical inputs(organic farming); role of information technology in rural development; post- harvest losses and technological advancement in horticulture crops; poverty alleviation through micro-finance; quantification of rural women’s contribution; WTO and agriculture; role in irrigation techniques in improving food security; rural housing; rural energy; rural health; rural water supply and sanitation; rural industries; rural electrification; South-South cooperation and transfer of technology in rural development and alike.

Researchers/officials who have done some work on the topics outlined above and other related aspects in their countries and have something interesting to contribute may send their articles in original to the Editorial Office for publication. The article may preferably be in minimum-7, maximum-10 pages. Heading(s), sub-heading(s) may be sequentially numbered. Article can be sent in a soft copy either in CD/DVD compatible to PC computer under WINDOWS environment by using MS Word (6.0 version and above), software or e-mailed at The author(s) may also send us an undertaking that the article has not been sent elsewhere for publication verbatim or paraphrased form. Footnotes should be typed on a separate sheet at the end. Specimen of presentation style is given below.

Title : Capital Letters
Author’s Name and Affiliation : OP Kathuria, Indian Agriculture Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi, India
Abstract of Article : Around 200 words(Types in single space)
Heading(s) : Capital Letters
Sub-Heading(s) : Running Letters
Running matter : Double space(typed one side of page only)
Font Size : Times New Roman, 12 points(In English) Kruti dev 010, 16 points(In Hindi)
Size of paper: A-4
Figure's : drawn in India ink on art paper
Photograph(s) : B & W/ Colored preferably in post card (5'*3')size
Reference(s) : Siwar, C. 1991, "Credit Programme for Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation
              in Malaysia", Asia –Pacific Journal of Rural Development. 1(2): 35-64
Spelling : Times New Roman, 12 points(In English) Kruti dev 010, 16 points(In Hindi)

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