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Library :-

The library houses collection of various documents covering Public Administration, Rural Development, Good Governance, Computer Applications, Management, Gender, Women and Child, Old Age, Self Help Groups, Cooperative Movement, Social Justice, Finance, Administrative Reforms, Human Rights, Environment, Water Conservation, Urbanization etc. The library has about 3000 books in its collection.

Computer Lab :-

Our computer lab contains a cluster of computers that are networked and available for use by the participants. Almost all computer in the lab offer users access to the Internet and provide software that students can use to do research and complete their homework. The Computer lab is equipped with overhead projector and printer/scanner.

Apart from routine computer training, the participants will also get hands on experience on the Participatory Planning with GIS We are focusing on open source systems, so as to promote the learning in a cost effective manner.

Satcom :-

Satellite Communication Facility

Satellite Communication (Satcom) technology offers the unique capability of simultaneously reaching out to very large numbers spread over large distances even in the most remote corners of the State. To utilize potentials of Satellite Communication in training and extension activities of panchayat , Government of Chhattisgarh established SATCOM in collaboration with , Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Media Cell :-

The media cell of the institute is well equipped with the high end cameras along with the video processing facility.

The in-house capability to produce the films and documentaries has greatly enhanced the capacity building initiatives.

The institute has produced many films and documentaries related to the success stories, rural development initiatives, government schemes, awareness building etc.

Class Rooms :-

Our classrooms have a large writing surface where the instructor or students can share notes with other members of the class. All classrooms also have LCD projectors with sound system for presenting information and images from a computer.

As per the need of the lecture, we have different setup for classes like Group Discussion, Step Hall, Conference Hall, Video Conferencing (e-classroom)

Hostel :-

The institute has 2 hostels, housed in an imposing double storied building and located inside the campus.

Hostel provides boarding and lodging facilities for the trainees, resource persons, delegates and participants attending various conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops.

Nearly one hundred participants can be accommodated at a time in the hostels.

Sports :-

Along with the academic development physical healthiness is also necessary.

The institute has a badminton and a table tennis court.

A well equipped gym is also functional in the institute’s premises.

Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing is the most feasible method to conduct long-distance meetings. Besides being more cost-effective than travel, it saves more of your most valuable asset—time.

Our videoconference room seat up to 12 people in comfort. The room is fully equipped with whiteboards, cameras, and screen.

We also have both wire and wireless high-speed internet connections, copy, scanning and fax services.

GIS Cell

The institute is seeking to use GIS in both a bottom-up community-driven planning and development process as well as a top-down regional planning approach. We are focusing mainly on open source GIS so that the common man can also see and use the GIS data/GIS analysis for the planning.

The officials working on various projects/ schemes are also provided with the GIS training. The GIS training will help them to visualize and analyse the situation before going to the field. We are promoting the project monitoring through GIS with Geotagging.

फोटो गैलरी

Shri Bhupesh Baghel
Honorable Chief Minister - Chhattisgarh
Shri T S Singhdeo
Honorable P&RD Minister
Shri Subrat Sahu (IAS)
Principal Secretary, P&RD and Director General TPSIPRD
Shri Surendra Kumar Jaiswal (IAS)
Director TPSIPRD

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